John F. Hanley

  • Arrived in Jersey after fighting the traffic on the M5. The UK has 30million cars and 50million people in 50,000 sq miles for ratio of 0.6 cars per person and 600 cars per sq mile.

    Jersey 110,000 cars 85,000 people - a ratio of 1.3 cars per person in an area of 45 sq miles or 2,444 cars per square mile.

    Yet I am sitting in peace and tranquillity in the parish of St Martin where Against The Tide is set and can't hear any traffic. Have I slipped back in time to 1939?

    I'll find out later at the book launch when I hope people get into their cars and trundle down to the pool at Havre des pas to meet me and let me sign their books.

    I'll let you know what happens.

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