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  • The Importance of Research

    Never underestimate this!

    I write about the pre-war period and am fairly confident that there are few readers left who can remember much about that time.

    However, I received an email yesterday from someone who must be in their late 80s who had just read Against The Tide and recalled witnessing one of the episodes I describe.

    Fortunately, I got it right! So all those hours and hours of time spent in archives and libraries paid off for one reader at least.

    I've just finished John Grisham's latest novel, The Racketeer. In his author's note he claims that he has become lazy and didn't undertake any research for this tale - just made it up as he went along! It's intricately plotted and moves at a pace but does lack the depth of previous books.

    So after fame and fortune, let's aim for some smug complacency!

    I had hoped to post about music in my writing but am still working with my website designer to get some examples on this site under Background Detail. Once these are up and running I'll explain a bit more.



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