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    The Last Boat is on the final stage of its journey from keyboard to printing press. Coincidently, I am taking part in a publishing day at TJ International printers on the 17th July when it is possible that it might be rolling off their presses! I'll be sure to take some pictures.

    My publisher arranges the printing and I hadn't realised until a reviewer pointed it out that Against The Tide was produced in Cornwall. Who'd have thought that one of the largest printers in the UK operates from beautiful Padstow!

    The images from The Last Boat's cover are on the opening page of this website and, if I've clicked on the correct buttons, they might appear here as well. You might very well spot the transition from two female divers to two German dive bombers who aren't really interested in the judges scores!

    Signed copies will be available from me via the Order page of this website and I'll be announcing a special promotion deal once I have some copies in hand. I'm still hoping for the middle of July though the official publication date is 1st August.

    Those of you who might have stopped by on this page will realise that I'm a rubbish blogger but I will try to write some more about the production and marketing process from my experience in launching and promoting Against The Tide in the coming weeks.



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