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    It was a beautiful day in Jersey yesterday and everything went to plan at the book launch and signing.

    The Jersey Water Polo Associiation put on an exhibition and I was photographed by the Jersey Evening Post with a goal being scored in the background. That picture will appear in the newspaper later this week as part of a feature on the novel. See the photo taken by one of my friends for an indication of what the official shot should look like.

    I've also posted a photo of some of the action along with a shot of the two Romanians who work at the pool and who helped me with the launch - thanks Bobbi and Miaie.

    Miko, one of the key characters in Against The Tide is a Romanian refugee who helps train Jack and Rachel, so that was a interesting coincidence. We had a fascinating chat about Romania today and fascism there in the 1930s. Two very charming young men whose ability with languages (English was their 3rd) made me feel ashamed of my own communication skills.

    On Monday 17th I will be interviewed live on BBC Radio Jersey at 12:30 so please tune if if you can.

    Before that will have an interview with the Jersey Evening Post who are running a feature on Against The Tide.



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