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  • I wish I could hear that!

    I'd welcome some feedback on my latest crazy idea!


    To support purchasers before, during and after their reading of Against The Tide, I've included considerable Background Detail on this website.

    As this is a period piece, almost every aspect of the novel is covered from locations to materials used.

    Now, as an experiment, I've introduced the music which plays a key role in several scenes.

    As soon as the page is selected the piece will play though there are buttons to pause and stop it. The text relating to the episode is also displayed.

    At present my Home Page opens with a 1938 recording of 'Stardust' which, though not played in the novel, is the piece Jack and Rachel dance to in their heads after they sneak into the swimming club.

    If you have the time to spare I'd love you to click on the music links on the Background Detail page and and let me know what you think.

    If you've already read the book I'd love to know how you feel about those scenes once you've heard the music.

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    • 1. Jun 23 2013 12:16PM by saeeda

      I don't think this idea is crazy at all. I think it's an excellent idea. It is a great way to engage young people into reading, writing, understanding history and music from the mid 1900's.

      As someone involved in teaching, I would find this a useful resource and suggest it be publicised to schools.

      I think writers have to think outside the box and do unique and different things to motivate and engage others.

      I have just read page 63 of Chapter Eight with the music playing in the background. It was a pretty amazing experience, very haunting. For my reading speed, it was timed really well as I finished reading the piece as the music ended which led to quite an enchanting experience. I think you are onto a wonderful idea, especially with your genre.


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