John F. Hanley

  • Happy New Year

    My first Resolution is to attend to this Blog each day. The second is to eat less. Can I accomplish the first if I dedicate myself to the second?

    It's going to be a busy year as The Last Boat, the sequel to Against The Tide, should be published in late Spring or early Summer.

    I will be in Jersey in March to adjudicate the Eisteddfod Literary Section and make plans for the launch of The Last Boat.

    Before that can happen, I will be immersed in the deeply 'joyous' process of copy editing, proof reading, cover design, PR planning etc. I just hope I can find time to work on the next book in the series to keep the momentum going.

    All the best to you all especially my readers and friends in the Authors' Social Media Support Group: ASMSG:



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