John F. Hanley

  • Day out to break 2nd NY resolution!

    We're off to the big city today - well Truro which is Cornwall's only city - to spend our grey pounds on an afternoon viewing of 'Quartet' which has just been released. Dame Maggie Smith, Pauline Collins, Tom Courtney and Billy Connelly star in this tale of a home for retired opera singers.

    One consolation is that they are all at least ten percent older than us. Dustin Hoffman, a mere 75 year's old, directs. I'll review it tomorrow along with some notes about my preparations for the 3rd novel in the Jack Renouf series.

    I'm wondering if Tom Cruise would like to play the lead role. If he can manage to convince us that he's the six foot five inch tall Jack Reacher then playing an 18 year old swimmer shouldn't be a stretch.



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