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  • Book Launch

    I'm travelling from the most southerly point of the UK to the most southerly point of the British Isles today for the launch of Against The Tide at the Havre des Pas swimming pool at 13:30 on Saturday 15th September.

    It's about 100 miles as the crow flies but first I have to drive over 100 miles to board the crow at Exeter airport. The whole journey should take about five hours of fretting as I hope the books which arrived in the island yesterday and have been circulating in a delivery van ever since can be trapped and taken to the launch site. A launch without books would stretch my blagging skills to their limits.

    I've chosen the swimming pool as the location for the launch as Against The Tide begins there on a sunny 9th July 1939 in the middle of a water polo match where Jack Renouf is on the receiving end of some very robust marking by a mysterious guest player from Holland.

    To help set the scene, the Jersey Water Polo Association is providing players to demonstrate the modern version of the game. This is different in several key areas, not the least of which, is the personal protection they now wear which was not available or even considered in 1939 - gum shields, ear protectors and, most importantly, a version of a cricket box stuffed down their trunks!

    After the demonstration match, I will be signing copies of Against The Tide which can be purchased on site. Free refreshments for anyone who makes a purchase!

    If you are in the island please pop along as I would be delighted to meet you.



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